Advertiser FAQ
  • We want our publishers to experience
Working and dealing with ZEUSCPA not only means an unlimited access to thousands and millions of qualified leads, affiliates, publishers and advertisers that will not only promote and market your offer with no cost until conversion happens but also will manage all your relationships and works passionately to prevent fraud and assure that you are getting the best quality leads and sales in the best price possible.
  • What is the meaning of ‘Volume Potential’?
Volume potential in general means the mass of conversion ratio in actual, and at ZEUSCPA as a one stop platform, we drive and ensure a huge mass of paid conversions in a month in about 20-25 verticals.
  • What is the incurring cost to be spent to get connected with you?
There is absolutely no monthly or additional fees to get connected and working with ZEUSCPA. We are leading and pioneering as a performance and result driven marketing network, so you can pay only when you receive a desirable conversion in form of leads or sales and then we will get paid when in actual conversion occurs. In addition, we used to assign our publishers, advertisers and affiliates according to their performance, effectuality and quality.
  • What is the process of getting set up?
Understanding the factor that every advertiser has its own unique needs and offerings, if you in real feel that ZEUSCPA fits within your framework and standards, feel free to sign up. One of our executives will get in touch with you within 3-4 business days and help you out in getting started with our network.
  • What kind of creative I need to make?
In accord to the advertising and promotional methods you would like to use, you require to make accordingly landing web pages, portal web pages, email innovative, lead generation forms, keyword lists required for the CPA marketing campaigns.
  • To head off a quick start to my campaign, what metrics should I provide?
Being an advertiser, you must give us few details about the related activities like what creative’s you have worked for in the past, your future strategic approach, regarding your future key targets and market reach focus, target demographics and willingness to spend in the campaign.
  • What is your process to detect and prevent the fraud?
Our experts will ensure and are fully responsible to ascertain that you are getting the premium quality leads you deserve. The team will passionately and enthusiastically check all the traffic to assure that publishers and affiliates remain indulgent as per your specifications, and industry standards are maintained. This is one of the main reasons why ZEUSCPA has been considered as a good result driven and performance based network from years.
  • At what time can I stop a campaign with your company ‘ZEUSCPA’?
After notifying and acknowledging your account executive that you wish to stop running your advertisement campaigns with us, it will get deactivated within three to five business days.