Advertiser FAQ
  • What is a Publisher?
Also known as an affiliate, a publisher is like the proprietor of online media where advertisements could be placed and viewed by end users and consumers including newsletter affiliates, website possessors, social media marketers etc. The websites and channels owned by publishers are also known extensively as online inventory.
  • What is an advertiser?
Known as a merchant, forerunner or advertiser, they belong to a company who advertises and markets a product or offering at online platform. Publishers used to optimize and boost promotion of advertiser’s products and services by placing ads either on their own sites or on search listings and email campaigns where there is a possibility of occurrence of a conversion. In addition, those who work on favor of advertisers are known worldwide as agencies.
  • What is CPA Marketing?
ZEUSCPA works on a CPA (Cost per Action) payment model entirely based on authoritative actions including sale, download or a lead. Been considered as a form of ‘Performance Driven’ marketing, publishers used to get the commissions when the lead or sale is induced from the advertisement they have placed and promoting.
  • How does your company fit in with Publishers & Advertisers?
At ZEUSCPA, our experts get connect with publishers and advertisers through our performance driven and market leading campaigns and exclusive offers. Advertisers used to create and place your advertisements on the network and our umpteen affiliates use them to promote your offerings and showcase them in a unique way in front of the world. Along with handling the responsibility of all tracking and billing, our network could really help you out in getting better exposure and payouts.
  • Is there any possibility to get approval if I don’t have a website?
Yes of course. If you can provide us a satisfactory and favorable means of advertising and promoting advertisements during the entire application process cycle, you will be considered.
  • Can you suggest one of the fastest ways to be approved?
Highly committed and dedicated to attract and assure that only quality and result driven publishers and advertisers become an integral part of our network, we provide our consumers top notch quality customer services and easy access to the top industries performing well and paying them highest exclusive offers. Also, to maintain our highest quality standards, our compliance personnel scan every advertiser and publisher application thoroughly.
  • Will I get paid for impressions or clicks?
Being a performance driven CPA (Cost per Action) network company, only qualified publishers for their excellent actions generated will be liable to get paid of their promotional activities.
  • In general, how long does it take get the approval?
In general, the applications take 24-48 hours of time period to get the final approval. The key reason behind this is that our experts review each and every action thoroughly ensuring the close and satisfying relationship with the clients.
  • How much it would cost to join you?
There is absolutely no additional cost associated to have an account with ZEUSCPA.
  • How our advertisement models work and which of them you provide?

At ZEUSCPA, we cater advertisements based on the following models:

  • CPM (text/banner)
  • CPC (text/banner)
  • CPA (text/banner)
  • How cum your payout option is better and effectual than others?
Seeing the existing industrial standards and market scenario, our offered payout option is better than others offering the best rates. Also, we used to share beneficent and considerate revenue to keep our publishers and advertisers happy.
  • How you do handle fraudulent clicks on your network?
Keeping an eye to monitor all the websites available in the network to determine invalid and unauthorized links (if any), we ensure to check each and every step effectively. The fraudulent or invalid links could cover repeated manual clicks, automated clicks, robots, and impression generating tools, third party solutions concluding to impressions like auto surf, pay to click, click exchange process or any other deceptive tool.
  • If something goes wrong, how do I get in touch with you?
Our first mission is to get highly dedicated and satisfied clientele. Feel free to get in touch with us for any concern or a query and we would be happy to assist you in every step.