Publisher Web WAP

Especially for Publishers, Advertisers & Affiliates – ‘Generate more money with our expertise and great resources’ - Having a motto to provide the best ever publisher experience in the digital and online marketing industry, ZEUSCPA delivers for publishers. Use our web and WAP tools to leverage our offered exclusive and classy offers. Helping you to generate more revenue and gain from your efforts and consistent focus on outcomes, our web services and WAP tools help our clients to run and represent statistical reports effectually, complete and sync offers including all creative’s within an existing infrastructure system or a tracking segment smoothly.

Few of the key highlights of our offerings are mentioned in below:

  • 24 hours statistics available
  • High speed access to your exemplary attempts and campaigns
  • Download umpteen and prolific visionaries and setting up of tracking pixels and links freely
  • Compile relevant and precise reports at all levels to the core of detailing
  • Leverage our tools to sync with your own tracking records including software’s
  • Higher traffic and potential visitors analysis especially for web and mobile publishers, advertisers and partners with effectual analytics platform
  • We ensure to cover all traffic generating sources

Use our web services and WAP to get tailored innovative and smart creative’s integrated and blended with our top notch products. Nothing is impossible and we would be happy to discuss the likelihoods and probability of turning the unreal into real. Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you in as soon as possible way.