CPM, CPC and CPA all are online advertising techniques to promote your business. We are the pioneer of CPM, CPC and CPA, and effectively and efficiently offering the services for many years to our clients.

What Dose CPM means?

CPM stands for Cost per Million and you are paying for thousand impressions. Paying by the thousand takes the costs to a reasonable level for small businesses, and makes more sense even in large corporate organizations. Every single visit on the advertisement published on your website will increase your earning and same goes for an advertiser. More number of visits on the ad means advertisers have to pay less. We have realized that an effective advertisement can attracts thousands of new consumers whereas an advertisement with a wrong message may lead you to lose your existing customers.

What does CPC means?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. We are offering this unique and effective advertising tool for increasing the traffic and revenue in your business. In this method, advertiser pays fix price for every click on the ad. The cost per click model is eminent technique which is relatively well understood and mainly seen on popular networks. CPC ads appeal to many publishers as monitoring of sold and remained is quite easy.

What does CPA means?

CPA stands for cost per acquisition. CPA advertising can track the site where the users clicked on an ad and if that transaction occurs which means if user fills the form than the advertiser will pay the publisher for this positive result.

ZEUSCPA is a leading CPM, CPC and CPA lead generation service provider agency offering the effective online media solution for advertisers and publishers to maximise the growth in their business. We are committed to offer the result oriented services to increase the ROI for business of our clients. Give us a chance to prove us.